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Where did this month go?

I just noticed I haven't blogged since the 5th. Wow. Where have the last three weeks gone? Okay I think I can put some of it down to being on holiday in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France and Germany for ten days in there somewhere (I will add some blog entries about the trips at some point). But it doesn't account for all the gap. To be truthful I haven't written all that much in that time either - half a dozen reviews for Murky Depths is all.

Well the fact is I have had nine new book cases delivered and have spent a good deal of the time since getting back from mainland Europe sorting out the various boxes of books and getting books onto shelves. And it's been great fun. That may sound sad but it's true. I love books and a lot of these books haven't been out of boxes in years.

Good times.

New Review posted (New Myths)

My review of Harry Turtledove's Hitler's War has just been posted to sf website New Myths. If you want to check it out you can find it at

Magners League

Anyone who's read any of the previous postings on this blog will be aware that I am a Europhile, and addicted to Italy in particular (and Belgium, Luxembourg, France - I could go on).

And I'm a rugby fan. A serious rugby fan.

Today saw two of these things come together. The Magners Leage which has featured teams from Scotland, Wales and Ireland, this year also features two Italian teams, Benetton Treviso and Aironi Rugby. Fantastic stuff.

And as a serious Venice fanatic I'm obviously going to sepnd the entire season, and hopefully many to come, supporting Terviso (Treviso is only just up the road from Venice).

Today Treviso played their first game against the Scarlets and they won 34-28. Yehay!!!