Saturday, 13 November 2010

New Review Posted

Dark Scribe Magazine has posted my review of Justni Cronin's The Passage

You can find it at

Just have to scroll down a bit.

Sorry for the short posting - have promised the family that we will start a film shortly so have to rush

Sunday, 7 November 2010

DemonMinds extra

Thought before I log this machine off for the evening it might be an idea to post the ful contents list for the DemonMinds antho I mentioned in the last post. So here it is

Daniel Robichaud - Jacket Ne Saie Quoe (Poem)

Suzanne Sykora - Dandelion Seed (Poem)

Jenna M. Pitman - A Girl and a Dog Walk Into A Bar (Story)

Gustavo Bondoni - Happy Hour at Lilu's (Story)

Kenneth Whitfield - Addictions (Story)

April Grey - At the End of Day (Story)

Chris Morey - Schism (Poem)

Joyce Frohn - Little Coffins (Poem)

Bernard J. Schaffer - The Kyoshi Scrolls (Story)

MZ Hoosen - The Sleeper (Story)

Bruce Memblatt - Bottle in Bordeaux (Story)

C. S. Johnson - Seven Circles (Story)

Gary McCluskey - Patches (Art)

Zac Mauer - Good Grief (Art)

David Pickering - Elegance (Story)

KC Wilder - an unsuccessful writer relaxing at home (Poem)

Tom Thornton - Dow Jones (Poem)

I. E. Lester - Acting's A Hell of A Job (Story)

John Grey - It's Not Like the Old Days (Poem)

Michael Shell - I Have Seen A Gargoyle (Poem)

Dark Matter - The Crush (Story)

Jeffery Scott Sims - Stealing Boris Karloff (Story)

Coy Hall The Image Disturbed (Story)

Rhonda Parrish - Hunger (Poem)

Michael Shell - I Have Seen a Gargoyle (Poem)

Recent times update

In amongst a few weeks of assorted craziness (I might blog about it later) I have had a couple of nice writing related moments. I received a copy of DemonMinds Halloween 2010 anthology magazine. It's a whopper - I think the format size is US Letter although being a Brit I might be wrong about that. And much more importantly to my writing ego, it contains a story of mine - Acting's a Hell of a Game. As well as lots of other short stories and poems from authors like Jeffrey Scott Sims, Daniel Robichaud and loads more.

And I also received a copy of Murky Depths issue 14 which contains three of my short reviews - for Lavie Tidhar's Cloud Permutations, W. D. Gagliani's Wolf's Bluff and the film Defendor.

And I have started writing again - sent in another review to Murky Depths this afternoon and will hopefully get some more done later...