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Mid March

These past few days have seen no actual writing taking place. The reasons/excuses for this have been many. For one thing I changed day job and have needed to commit a large slice of my available energies to finding my feet there.
And then there's been the fact that my spare time has been in remarkably short supply with my non-work time being consumed by a number of non-writing activities that just can't bee avoided.
But in truth one of the main reasons was my head. You see it's decided to get creative in a number of bizarre, interesting, yet in the short term, unproductive ways. One idea after another for new novels/novellas and even a sort story have popped into my head and I've been spending time writing down enough notes in my various notebooks so that, should I ever have time, they will have a chance of seeing the light of day.
Well now I have finished with all of that and am capable of focussing my creative energies into working on the current WiP - the latest Ben W…