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Another sale

I guess I should also get back to announcing sales - primary point of such a site for a wannabe writer (I freely admit I am not there yet).

Well I have sold another piece - a lengthy reviews piece called "Evil by the Dozen" which reviews the 12 books published by Leisure Books between January and June 2009. This piece will appear soon in Polu Texni.

Book of the Week 9 - at last

Okay - next in this ever delayed list is a field guide - David Pegler's Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe. It;s part of the Kingfisher Field Guides series.

That probably needs a little explanation. Well I am writing a story with a friend of mine that means I need to find out about toadstools so we can get the plot right. And so I went out to track down such a book and came across this wonderful book.

Book of the Week 8 - massively late

I kind of lost focus on this blog there. And to be honest on most of my writing. I wrote a few things, a review here or there, a couple of articles, some short stories (the reviews sold, one of the articles but none of the stories - at least not yet). Hopefully I'll manage to get back into it more.

Anyway, back to books of the week - and yes I know I'm about 16 behind but here goes catching up. And this next choice is...

Uncle River's Camp Desolation and the Escahtology of Salt.

Odd title I know. Odd book too, to be honest about it. It's a University lecture in a book really, telling the build up to a terrorist act in a post-Total Economic Collapse America.

It's another PS Publishing novella, and yes I read an awful lot of these things being a dedicated fan of both the novella form and the publisher but this one really appealed.