Book of the Week 8 - massively late

I kind of lost focus on this blog there. And to be honest on most of my writing. I wrote a few things, a review here or there, a couple of articles, some short stories (the reviews sold, one of the articles but none of the stories - at least not yet). Hopefully I'll manage to get back into it more.

Anyway, back to books of the week - and yes I know I'm about 16 behind but here goes catching up. And this next choice is...

Uncle River's Camp Desolation and the Escahtology of Salt.

Odd title I know. Odd book too, to be honest about it. It's a University lecture in a book really, telling the build up to a terrorist act in a post-Total Economic Collapse America.

It's another PS Publishing novella, and yes I read an awful lot of these things being a dedicated fan of both the novella form and the publisher but this one really appealed.


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