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How to Run a Company (Novel Finished)

Well, at least the first draft is done.

In case you have no idea what I'm on about, I have been writing the first draft of my latest novel over the past few weeks and now it is finished. And the novel is called "How to Run a Company" to completely get rid of any lingering confusion. It ended up a few words over 85K, it's original planned length so I manage to stay on course. Of course that may change when I revise it. I could find it needs a whole bunch of changes that could add or subtract huge swathes of text.

The book is a bit of a satire on modern business; albeit I hope in something of a gentle way. I don't want to portray being massively against capitalism or globalisation. My personal view is that these are inevitable but they do need a little policing. Let capitalism run riot with no restrictions and it will destroy itself and take us all with it. But restrict it too much and no progress will ever happen. You want life to improve then it will take capita…