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I thought things were going too well

I should have stuck with my earlier post. My day job has reminded me just how busy it can get and I haven't been able to type anything extra to the novel since the last posting. Still hopeful I might get some good time in this weekend.

The planning stage for novel number three is well underway - the lead baddie won't leave me alone.

It's going to be another horror with a good deal of it set in Solihull in the 1970s - wonder why that is? could I have been a kid in the 1970s and in Solihull?

Hmmh! Odd that.

I'm getting the feeling the gap I was intending to leave after the one I'm trying to get finished won't be an option. The big bad wants to come to life.

Writing Update

I just re-read the blog entry I typed on the seventh of September. I thought I was being optimistic about finishing the first draft of my science fiction novel by the end of October - believing the end of November was more likely.

It's sixteen days later and the word count is at seventy one thousand. I think it'll probably go up another five hundred to a thousand words this evening and I'm hoping it will be done before the end of this month.

You could say I got a bit of a spurt on.

Okay, that doesn't make it done by any means. I'll then print it out and read it - check I've got the timeline right and that the plot ties together. Then I'll let a friend or two give it a read.

I'm going to hope to have it with a publisher before the end of the year - then it's the waiting game.

Wish me luck (and no I don't believe in luck in that way but the thought is a nice one)

Writing has resumed

I posted a short and not totally informative post a little while back intending to update it shortly afterwards.

Well time passed and I didn't get back to it. Not until today and it took a prompt to get me to do so. Joy V. Smith (whose blog can be found at posted a comment to my aforementioned brief post. It kind of shamed me into typing more into this.

I know I should, if I want to be a writer, be able to type blog entries regularly but I've never truly felt anyone should want to hear what I'm thinking about general things and as I hadn't done any really new writing in some years due to a few personal issues I didn't have anything I felt typing into here would be of any benefit to anyone.

I could tell you of favourite TV programmes of recent days  - I'm enjoying the new Doctor Who - especially the latest episode Robot of Sherwood. I'm also happily watching my way through Silicon Valley and looking forward to the third season…

Watch this space

This is going to be a short note. I suppose it should be more after so long. Sorry about that.

I might just be getting back into the groove. A couple of projects have been gestating of late and I've been hitting keyboard again.

Wish me luck. It might just continue