I thought things were going too well

I should have stuck with my earlier post. My day job has reminded me just how busy it can get and I haven't been able to type anything extra to the novel since the last posting. Still hopeful I might get some good time in this weekend.

The planning stage for novel number three is well underway - the lead baddie won't leave me alone.

It's going to be another horror with a good deal of it set in Solihull in the 1970s - wonder why that is? could I have been a kid in the 1970s and in Solihull?

Hmmh! Odd that.

I'm getting the feeling the gap I was intending to leave after the one I'm trying to get finished won't be an option. The big bad wants to come to life.


Joy V. Smith said…
Thanks for the updates. I am happy to hear of your writing progress--I myself should be editing my last novel--and your thoughts on the Scottish Referendum and Doctor Who. Robot of Sherwood was better than some of the other recent episodes.

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