Writing Update

I just re-read the blog entry I typed on the seventh of September. I thought I was being optimistic about finishing the first draft of my science fiction novel by the end of October - believing the end of November was more likely.

It's sixteen days later and the word count is at seventy one thousand. I think it'll probably go up another five hundred to a thousand words this evening and I'm hoping it will be done before the end of this month.

You could say I got a bit of a spurt on.

Okay, that doesn't make it done by any means. I'll then print it out and read it - check I've got the timeline right and that the plot ties together. Then I'll let a friend or two give it a read.

I'm going to hope to have it with a publisher before the end of the year - then it's the waiting game.

Wish me luck (and no I don't believe in luck in that way but the thought is a nice one)


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