19 Days - some boasts, some general

Okay, it's been a while since my last post. I could claim one excuse or another for not posting to this blog more often. And in reality the reasons I would give are not just excuses but true.

I mentioned in an earlier post my mother dying over Christmas. This has left a lot of processing - sorting out her house, funerals, cancelling paper deliveries, chaning utilities etc. And then there's the emptying of her house...

On top of all this there is the flu that has been plaguing my life since Christmas Day, one week of feeling really ill then lurking in the background with occasional ickiness repeats.

And then there's the fact I've been trying to concentrate on writing a novel, which isn't going too badly - up to 14,500 words and an aim to get over 80,000 by the end of March - yeah I know it's tight but I need to set deadlines so I will get on with it.

But some things have been happening I wanted to post. Firstly there's some news on my reviews being released/posted.

Murky Depths issue 15 is now out in the big wide world and contains four of my film reviews for the following DVD releases.

Black Death
14 Blades
Road Train

And there's a whole bunch more on their website just gone live
David Moles - Seven Cities Of Gold
Army of The Dead
It's A Wonderful Afterlife

Anyway, here's their website - http://www.murkydepths.com/. Go check them out and not just for my reviews. The zine itself is wonderful. Well worth picking up - latest issue, especially as it contains the first episode of a comic serial written by Lavie Tidhar and starring Adolf Hitler.

Also had a few writing rejections, three to be exact, this week. Will be getting arond to resubmitting those in a few minutes...

Will be writing more reviews and more on the novel this week. Need to get some up to Murky Depths for their next issue - if Terry thinks they are good enough to feature.

And I have a couple more short stories to write up - handwrote the first drafts last week. Fingers crossed


Andrea Allison said…
So sorry to hear about your mom. I hope your writing continues to go well.
I.E. Lester said…
Thanks for the kind words Andrea, and I'm hoping it continues to go well

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