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A return to posting

I have been terrible at maintain this blog. For that I can only say sorry to anyone who has enjoyed reading my rambling entries. I am going to try to improve the frequency especially as I have things to promote these days. You see it's only a little over a month until my first novel, the Stairs Lead Down, is published.

Yeah, I really should have got back to posting here sooner. I could have posted the cover months ago but just haven't. To make up for lost time (something I'm positive you can't do) here it is.

It's a young adult supernatural tale set in my hometown, Ashby de la Zouch. Here's the blurb from the publisher's website.

What could be worse than moving from London to the middle of no where, at the age of 13? New school, new place, new people and a ghost in the kitchen!
Lizzie and Noah discover a portal to the ghost realm and take the Stairs Down to end up in an andventure of a lifetime.
Will the help of two mysterious women - Elizabeth and Magda be e…