New Story Sale - Oddly Not Mine

After putting up with me and my writing attempts over the last four years my wife wrote a short story (to be fair she has planned out a novel and written the first few chapters but this is her first short).

Anyway, it surprised me by being a little surreal. It was good though, so I submitted it to Eschatology Journal for her - the market that accepted my short story Chicken last week.

And today they accepted it. So on the 12th of May this year her story, entitled "The Dance" willl be published on their site. Wow, eh. I feel really chuffed, I have to say

Anyway if you want to go check their site out, obviously without the story live yet but still well worth a visit, here's the link -

Oh, and her pen name is Carey Lester.

I'm freaked and very chuffed. I may have said that before


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