Mid March

These past few days have seen no actual writing taking place. The reasons/excuses for this have been many. For one thing I changed day job and have needed to commit a large slice of my available energies to finding my feet there.

And then there's been the fact that my spare time has been in remarkably short supply with my non-work time being consumed by a number of non-writing activities that just can't bee avoided.

But in truth one of the main reasons was my head. You see it's decided to get creative in a number of bizarre, interesting, yet in the short term, unproductive ways. One idea after another for new novels/novellas and even a sort story have popped into my head and I've been spending time writing down enough notes in my various notebooks so that, should I ever have time, they will have a chance of seeing the light of day.

Well now I have finished with all of that and am capable of focussing my creative energies into working on the current WiP - the latest Ben Williamson novella, Room 1B. Let's hope I can maintain this focus and get this draft done. I'm just coming up on a third done and I think it's going to be a good one.

I like writing Ben Williamson stories. They're kind of a palate cleanser writing wise for me. I stalled late last year pretty much half way through the novel I was writing when I had the flu and when my wife was taken ill it kind of hit the back burner.

I've proven with this novella I can get back into writing so hopefully it will allow me to write the second half of Breath of Imagined Dead and get it to the publisher while they're still happy with me (side note - they've been very understanding when things went sideways).

Let's see if it continues...


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