Annoying weekend - writing wise

The last weekend in August in the UK means a three day weekend with a national holiday on the Monday. So it seems all the ingredients for a good time. Didn't quite happen that way though. Not writing wise in any case.

Firstly the weekend statrs with a rejection from Drabblecast and today it has ended with another rejection, this time from Neo-opsisfor a story I still feel is one of the best I've written. Although now that it has received six rejections maybe I should re-assess that belief. Mind you it has taught me not to write stories in second person narrative. Which is a great shame as I rather like second person tales. They make me feel as though I'm in the middle of the action.

And running all through the three days was the fact I had a lot of extracurriculur from the day job. I spent nearly all this weekend, including until 4am yesterday (on a Sunday) updating our software system. And sitting here now at 9pm Monday I have more yet to do.

I don't dislike my day job by any means, in fact I have to say I rather like the puzzles and problems it throws my way but I could have done with a nice break this weekend from it to get some writing done. I have three reviews I need to write for submission with deadlines looming (and two of which are likely to be missed meaning I won't be able to feature in those mags) and a (hopefully) comedic horror short story I'm about 8000 words into that I have some ideas for where to take it next that I would love to get time at.

Still I will get time at some point I'm sure. I know this weekend was an aberration. It's not normally this time consuming.


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