Monday, 18 April 2011

A long pause update

Okay, if you read this blog (hey, someone might) you may hvae noticed a distinct lack of any activity whatsoever in recent times. Sorry! I'm afraid I've been a little unwell of late and really haven't been in the mood to type in blog entries - or to do much of anything to be totally honest. I finally gave in to the fact I was feeling like crap and went to see someone about it.

Result is I was diagnosed with severe depressive disorder - clinical depression in old money. It's fun let me tell you. (Yes, I'm lying) So I was put on pills to alleviate the symptoms. First citalopram and then fluoxetine. Neither of which seemed to do me much positive good and both of which came with a whole host of side effects that made me feel crappier.

I'm now off meds and trying to deal with things (unless doc advises I go on other meds - we'll see). I'm hoping to find enough strength to start getting my life back - and hopefully developing some new coping strategies for the things that bother me as they're not going away. My issues are private - I'm not going to bore you by oversharing. Suffice to say most of them are nothing new, it's just that the ways I used to cope in the past stopped working when I was ill at the start of the year.

So I'm on the hunt for new ways of dealing. (Wish me luck.)

Yesterday my wife told me to write a review. (A film review - I've not read a book this year.) So I did. It took a while, probably four times as long as they normally take. But I completed it. And submitted it (to Murky Depths).

Now I'm in the waiting period - to see if I can still pass muster. And I'm intent on writing another after this post. Typing words into this blog is meaning I'm actually typing. And I need to type to write reviews, so when the blank page proved a little too intimidating as I tried to write tonight's review (another film review) I thought I'd blog a little, hoping it would be easier and provide a simple way in.

It seems to be working. Now all I have to do is try to ensure I maintain the momentum I've gained with this blog entry.

So I'm going to just pass on some writing news - I do have some for pieces written before my recent mind-wobble started.

Murky Depths ( has a number (reasonably high number too - about 20) of recently newly published reviews of mine on their site. Just click on the link above and scroll down to find a link to the reviews menus on the left of the screen (or you can use their drop down menus at the top if you have IE). I would list the new ones but there really are too many.

Eschatology Journal ( has published one of my stories (Again written last year) on their site. The story, "Chicken", can be found at the following URL

And they also published a story written by my wife, under her Carey Lester pseudonym. It's her first sale. "The Dance" can be found at

They even managed the wonderful coincidence of posting it on my wife's birthday - an extra little bonus present for her - in addition to her waking up in a Venetian Palazzo (we hired an apartment there for the week). Finally I've just received news that New Myths ( should be posting another of my reviews on their site (for Tim Waggoner's Dead Streets) in the next couple of days. And they want more from me - so I think I may have to try reading something. Maybe the new Lavie Tidhar novella from PS Publishing. I like his stuff. Yeah, that could re-ignite my reading desire.

Anyway - to reviewing...


Dale T. Phillips said...

Best of luck getting back in the swing. I find writing to be the best therapy, and forget all else when engaged in it.

I.E. Lester said...

Thanks for the kind wishes. I did manage to write a couple of reviews for Murky Depths and will hopefully add at least one more today