A long time passed

I've not posted on here for quite some time - a little over a year. In truth I was not sure I was ever going to post on this blog again.

As anyone knows who read my post from April last year I was diagnosed with depression and my personality changed a little. I stopped reading completely and cut back severely on my watching sf or horror. I just didn't have the interest.

Well it's now more than 16 months since my diagnosis and I've still not read any fiction. I did start reading again although it's been non-fiction only. I've read my way through a number of science books including a great biography of Joseph Priestley, a fair few history books with the current one being a general all-encompassing history of Germany. Oh, and two great books by Simon Winchester.

Screenwise I've watched little sf/horror, although seem to be working my way through Nordic Noir - a list of Crime films / TV series made in Scandanavia. (By the way, anyone who enjoys a good crime show and might have enjoyed Girl with the Dragon Tattoo should watch The Bridge - just fantastic.)

But writing wise nothing! Not had even the slightest desire to hit the keyboard. It might return one day - just nothing doing yet.


Welcome back! Was wondering where you were. Hope you get back in the groove.
Welcome back! Hope things are better.
Joy V. Smith said…
Oh, I'm so happy to have come across your post!! Lots of hugs!! I've missed you!! So you're taking it easy and gathering your strength, ideas, whatever you need, and your support group is always here for you.

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