Mini Rant 1 - Poor Marketing Campaign - Ocado

In the UK we have an online shopping delivery service called Ocado (I'm not sure if this exists elsewhere). Now Ocado do a perfectly fine job. I have no complaints about them whatsoever. But I do have a bit of a gripe when it comes to whoever has done their recent marketing. Here's a picture...

Now, this looks pretty innocuous on first glance but go read the text.... "It's one small click for you. It's one giant leap for your life."

Now we all know what this is paraphrasing. These are almost the words of Neil Armstrong, the first words from the Moon's surface. The original phrase signified the single greatest achievement of the human race (up to that date). It's something we as a species should be incredibly proud of (if you a Moon hoax believer, please leave my blog now and never revisit).

So to see it used to promote a way of doing your shopping without having to go to the effort of actually doing the shopping feels wrong. And it makes me less inclined to use Ocado.

So whoever it was who thought up this campaign, you haven't hit the bullseye from my POV. And whoever approved it at Ocado, do you want to rethink it? Ocado is a fine service (I think I may have mentioned that) and I get it needs advertising but come on - you can do better than this.


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