Book of the week 10 - an attempt at a little catching up

Book ten is a book of photographs of the most beautiful place on Earth - Venice.

Three years ago - back in the days of money being easier to get - I treated my wife (and me but extension) to a long weekend in Venice coming back three days before Christmas. Well I'd been paid for some overtime at work and couldn't think of a better way spending the money - we'd not counted on it so why not?

It was cold, it snowed and was very windy. Even flooded a couple of times whilst we were there, but it was magnificent. Walking through the city's streets when they are deserted is incredible. Standing on Rialto Bridge looking down upon a canal which had no boats on it at all. Standing at the far end of Piazza San Marco looking at the Basilica with no one else in the square at all (okay it was past midnight but it was still a first). A wonderful way of ending the year.

So when a book came out last year containing many photographs of Venice in the winter I simply had to buy it. The book is called "Serenissima: Venice in Winter" by Frank Van Riper and Judith Goodman. It's simply beautiful. And the memories of a holiday in Venice in the winter were brought back vividly.

Anyway - if you want to check it out here are the links

Amazon US

Amazon UK


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