Hostel 2 - at last - and The Ruins

I know, I know. This film has been out for a while and I've only just got around to watching it. What can I say, I've been busy.

That and I have to admit to not being the biggest fan of the first film. Nice idea, but for me the problem was that by the time the guys started to be tortured I disliked them so much I was almost rooting for the bad guys.

The second film at least redresses this a little. The young American aren't quite as annoying, reasonably so - but not quite as bad. Problem for this as a second film is that the idea's not new. Normally in a horror sequel they address this by making it just a little gorier. Well that's not the case here. It feels a little lighter. Okay there are one or two moments of gore but not as many as I would have expected.

Tonight's selection is The Ruins. Well it's a bit different. A group of Americans holidaying in Mexico, together with a German guy they meet in the hotel, decide to go visit a nearby Mayan ruin. And yes, as this is a horror film, the ruins are cursed. Ok it's a bit trite in terms of plot and to be fair the horror action is not as strong as some films I've seen of late, but there are some nicely gory moments, and it also manages a bit of tension from time to time.

These are not the greatest of horror films, but I've seen a lot, lot worse.


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