How Many People Can You Offend in One Book?

Well okay, there's no simple answer to that. But I know one thing. Frankie Boyle is certainly having a go to see if he can set some kind of record.

I've been a fan of the TV show Mock the Week since it first started and its irreverent approach to the news. It runs for about a dozen weeks each summer and takes the mickey out of anyone unfortunate enough to be famous at times in a really cruel way.

I know that it might not be the most considerate thing to do - finding humour at the expense of others but I find a lot of what is on this show extremely funny. I know my desire to be fair and even handed should preclude my finding cruel humour amusing but I just do.

Well on the show possible the most cutting of all the comedians is Glaswegian Frankie Boyle (who unfortunately has recently announced he will not be returning).

But he has brought out a book. In theory its a biography and I am normally appalled by the concept of reading celebrity biographies. But in truth there is not all that much in the way of actual biography in these pages.

It's more a series of small recollections about his past that then allow him to head off on a wild, and very offensive, tangent. No subject is outside this man's taste range. I've been reading a chapter or two to end each day this week, rationing it so I can extend my enjoyment but unfortunately it's still nearly over. Not much more to go and I'll have finished the book.

I really, really recommend you consider any decision to read this carefully. It is most definitely adults only, and broad minded ones at that...


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