Music - always good to find a really good new album...

...I just didn't expect it to be by Kiss.

I've been a rock fan all of my life. When I was a akid and most of my friends were into Abba, I liked The Who and The Rolling Stones.

Three decades later I still do, but in the years getting up to now I've found many, many more artists that I've liked. In my teenage years it was rock - straightforward, simple rock. Bands like Rainbow, Whitesnake, Kiss, Saxon etc were it for me.

Okay in more recent times the progressive rock side (always a liking existed it just was dominated for a while) has taken over - with much veering into softer areas like Yusuf, Suzanne Vega, Van Morrison - and my listening has been dominated by Rush, Dream Theater, Yes, King Crimson and the like.

But I still have a soft spot for bands like Kiss. So when their new album was released I thought it worth buying and giving it a listen. Well I've listened to it many time since then. I like it a great deal. It's a group of guys who know what they do best and they are going to just go out and do it. They're not going to go off on one to try to progress and develop. They are just going to be Kiss. And for that I have to thank them.

The opening track - Modern Day Delilah - is simply wonderful. It's certainly not a poor relation to their 70s heyday. Never Enough is so typically Kiss it's wonderful. I could go on - there's not a bad track on the album.

I love it.


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