Just why music matters

When I was a kid, somewhere about 9 years old, I heard music. I mean really heard. I know music must have been around me before then but I can't remember it making much of an impression. At nine though that changed. I heard The Who. Something about it excited me. Well I bought a Who album.

Then having listened to that for a while I bought another. And not long after started wondering what else there was and a schoolfriends older brother played me (and him I guess) some Rolling Stones tracks. Band number two in my life. So I bought a Stones album. Maybe I didn't pick the best one (Got Live If You Want It) but I liked it enough. So much that I bought a second - Rolled Gold. That was the better choice. And it ended up with me and my music tastes having developed to what they are now - Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Rush, Tom Waits, Nick Cave. I could go on and on.

But my purchase of Rolled Gold was way, way back in the days of vinyl. And since selling all my vinyl records more than a decade ago I've been able to play the album. That is until today when I saw the CD re-release of this compilation sitting on a shelf in HMV in Derby. I bought it, even though I think I own every track on other CDs, and I've just listened to it again. Fantastic collection. Made me realise just why I like music in the first place.


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