Review of Brian Keene - Castaways

Okay - I'm going to post another couple (maybe three) this evening. Here's the first...

Many matches can be considered as made in heaven - strawberries and cream, hot dogs and mustard to name but two. Brian Keene has introduced another - Reality-TV show contestants on a tropical island and a tribe of previously unknown pygmy cannibals.

You just can't go wrong with a combination like that. Except that is if you are a contestant, cut off from your only means of escape by a tropical storm that has grounded the helicopters. Fortunately amongst the ranks of stereotypically vapid wannabe celebrities are one or two people you will actually like - and feel may have a chance of surviving the show.

This book is well balanced. It has a great concept, an element of gore (although not overdone), a few good scares and a band of disparate powerless underdogs facing seemingly insurmountable odds and a good touch of humour. It has its flaws, a pointless subplot concerning terrorism, and unnecessary character development of the some of the ingredients on the pygmy's main course. But despite its faults, this is a well-crafted entertaining horror.


Book Details

ISBN: 08439-6089-2

Page Count: 285

Price: $7.99

Format: Paperback

Release: February 2009

Publisher: Leisure Books (Dorchester Publishing)





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