A horror film top tip

This weekend I watched a relatively new release horror film that I feel I need to mention to anyone who happens to read this blog.

The film has a really fun title - Backwoods Bloodbath and a cool silhouetted scythe on the cover. Ok, the plot is a little familiar - group of city folk head to a remote cabin in the woods in a region where there's your stereotypical local legend (can't really call it an urban legend in the middle of nowhere) and encounter a mad man (yeah, the one the locals went on about) armed with a scythe who proceeds to start killing.

But an overused plot is nothing a well made horror film can't overcome. Good directing, halfways decent acting (screaming doesn't have to be Oscar winning level to be effective), and some kick-ass effects and you can have a really good gory scarefest out of this much-used scenario - after all they wouldn't keep using it if it didn't work.

However this film isn't all the things you might hope - and certainly not what I hoped. I sat down to watch this with a couple of friends on Friday night hoping to have fun both with the film and at the expense of it - half the fun is shouting at the characters after all. But what we got was a serious appalling movie. Badly acted, badly directed, abysmal dialogue and ludicrously inserted, seriously bad effects. I mean this was just plain bad.

I don't normally like writing scathing reviews of films. I try to find something good in every film I see. Problem is with this film I just couldn't. Please avoid.


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