Thursday - a few quick things

My wife is out every night this week. She is a musician and plays in the band for a local musical theatre group. And this is show week. So in theory I have lots and lots of time to get huge amounts of writing done.

Problem is it hasn't quite gone like that. For one thing I finished my last novel at the weekend just gone. So I went into the week of much time without a current project and no real idea of which story I should tell next.

Well that last part is now behind me. I spent three days not writing to clear out all the places, characters and plot points of The Stairs Lead Down. This involved watching an awful lot of comedy clips on YouTube. I have a fondness for the Scenes We'd Like to See segment of BBC comedy panel show Mock the Week as well as for George Carlin.

Head cleared and decision made I started in on chapter one of a new novel - a science fiction novel set in a future Africa on a very changed world. I'm calling it the Church. Of what I'm not going to say online as, should it get published, I would like the full title to have an impact.

I'd written the introduction to this book some time ago, around the time the idea first came to me. I'd wanted to get the voice of it down on paper. I managed to stop once that was done and not take time away from the on going project of the time. Now though I am on it properly and the novel is now past the 4K mark.

I'm not sure how long this one is going to go. There are sections of it I am hoping will come to me as I type. I have a number of milestones written up in my notes but have left it a little more flexible than the last novel. I was curious how I would write under such conditions. We shall see.

Other than that the only thing to report from today was an unexpected addition to the book collection. I had to pop into Ashby late on and nipped inside a charity shop to find a Robert Rankin hardcover I didn't own - the Brightonomicon. Here's a picture

Anyway - late in the day so I need to go get some sleep so I'm good and refreshed for tomorrow at work (and then at the keyboard to continue writing in the evening)


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