Another weekend, another book hunt

Today I had the opportunity to pop into Chesters, a second hand book shop in Polesworth (just outside Tamworth). It's a real old school used book store. I've not been there for quite some time which is a real pity (and comes with no small amount of shame). The shop is on two levels, both filled with rabbit warrens of shelves all packed with thousand upon thousand of books on all subjects imaginable.

I did buy three books while I was there

Gerard Klein - The Day before Tomorrow
Bob Shaw - Ground Zero Man
Bob Shaw - The Two-Timers

Strangely the first of these shares its title with the second novel I wrote (one of the two I have deemed should never see light of day - not without considerable rewriting anyway). I can't remember ever having heard of this title but I can't say for definite I hadn't ever. Maybe it just sat at the back of my subconscious until a suggestion for a book title was needed. Thankfully the story is nothing like mine so I can't berate myself for stealing the plot or anything like that - it was just a coincidence of title.

It's a great shop - you should go if you're ever anywhere near.

But that wasn't the best bit. Many years back I used to visit Burton on Trent periodically (this was back before I lived close by; today we just pop into town as it's the nearest to us other than Ashby or Coalville. On each of these years ago trips I used to find a few minutes to pop around the corner and visit Needwood Books.

Sadly this wonderful shop is many years closed but today I met up with Chris, the guy who used to run it as he was in Chesters and had the opportunity to have another of our rambling discussions. We always used to meander around all kinds of subjects albeit mostly books and politics. Chris is getting on in years (I hope he won't mind me saying that) but his mind is as sharp as ever. Good times. I'm going to have to make sure the next time is not too distant in the future.


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