Book collecting update

On Saturday just gone I happened upon the book stall in Derby market. It's a good little stall, one I've visited often, and my hopes were high. I was not disappointed. You see, fairly recently, the stallholder bought a collection of old science fiction books and many of them were on the stall. So I had a bit of fun sifting through them - and buying several. So I am here to brag a little about my finds and to list them (I do like a good list). There might be one or two you've not heard of....

Ray Bradbury - The October Country (okay maybe this isn't one you won't have heard - bear with me)
H. Beam Piper - Gunpowder God
Jonathan Fast - Prisoner of the Planets
Christopher Priest - Real-Time World
Gardner F. Fox - Warrior of Llarn
Barrington Bayley  - The Fall of Chronopolis
Joanna Russ - Picnic on Paradise
John Russell Fearn - Conquest of the Amazon
Philip Jose Farmer - The Wind Whales of Ishmael
Philip Jose Farmer - Inside Outside
Judith Merrill - The Tomorrow People
Keith Laumer - Galactic Odyssey
Robert Moore Williams - Vigilante 21st Century
Brian Aldiss - The Interpreter
Andrew Lester - The Thrice Born
Frederik Pohl & C.M. Kornbluth - The Wonder Effect
Karl Klyne - The Last Galaxy Game
Mark S. Geston - The Day Star
ed, Martin Greenberg - Men against the Stars
Mack Reynolds - Tomorrow Might Be Different
Marion Zimmer Bradley - City of Sorcery
Daniel F. Galouye - The Lost Perception
Robert Lynn Asprin & Lynn Abbey - The Face of Chaos
James Blish & Norman L. Knight - A Torrent of Faces
Mack Reynolds - Space Pioneer
A. J. Merak - The Frozen Planet
Walter Moudy - No Man on Earth
Jeff Sutton - Apollo at Go
Philip E. High - Speaking of Dinosaurs
Kenneth Bulmer - The Hunters of Jundagai / John Glasby - Project Jove (ACE Double)

Now that's what I call a good book hunting day. Fingers crossed there will be more to come. The guy at the stall mentioned he hasn't brought all the collection in yet so there could be another huge purchase to come. Well, there might be if you lot don't go and get there first. If you do, you do. At least it means a book seller will get some good sales and hopefully keep going a while longer

More about writing later....

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