Back to writing

My wife is out tonight playing a gig (for anyone who's not read my earlier postings; she's a saxophonist in a 40s style jazz band). This means I had plenty of time to give some writing a try. And fortunately I also had a novel idea I wanted to work a little more on and the mood to do it.

So after three CDs of listening (Metallica, Paul Simon and the Smiths in a wonderfully eclectic mix) I have written four new scenes totalling 2,911 words and brought chapter one to and end on 4,347 words.

I am relatively happy with it. I also have a couple of sketches of what will become chapter 2 on paper. Hopefully I will get time to work on this a little more in the next day or two. I like the idea of this story.

To give you a quick précis - the story follows a 12 year old girl as she enters holy orders (in a religion where there are thousands of Gods). She is a devotee of the religion believing in it totally. Of course she's going to get a quick course in reality and some dark things are going to happen, events of which she will find herself squarely in the crosshairs. Should be fun Let's hope I can keep the determination going.

It does have one or two things to overcome. I've mentioned the growing feeling of negativity over my writing. All those rejections have begun to take their toll. So much so I've not even revised the last completed novel or thought about submitting it anywhere. I enjoyed telling it. My wife (biased though she almost certainly is) enjoyed reading it but it has little beyond that. I just don't want another tale to be tarnished quite so quickly with rejections. At the moment it might just be perfect.

Instead I have given it to a friend of mine who has recently finished a course that included copyediting. He's going to give it a read and come back with some feedback. Maybe with some help from him I might be able to get a step closer to an acceptance I can take up. Would be nice.

In the meantime though I am just going to tell a story I want to tell. And if the only person to ever read it is my wife well, I will make do with that.


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