Old books - collecting update

I collect books. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has read one of my previous postings. Well a week or so ago (and sorry for the delay in posting this - other things like writing took priority in a busy week) I went into one of my favourite second hand bookshops (in Polesworth, near Tamworth) and bought a few books. And, being the type, I thought I would share some details. The books were (all are paperbacks)

Saul Dunn - the Coming of Steeleye
Saul Dunn - Steeleye - the Wideways
Saul Dunn - Steeleye - Waterspace
Frederik Pohl & Lester del Rey - Preferred Risk
James Blish - Midsummer Century
James Blish - ...and All the Stars a Stage
Bob Shaw - Nightwalk
Robert Silverberg - Vornan-19
Poul Anderson & Gordon R. Dickson - Star Prince Charlie
Poul Anderson & Gordon R. Dickson - Earthman's Burden
Lin Carter - Time War
Christopher Anvil - the Day the Machines Stopped
John Morressy - Starbrat
Jack Vance - the Pnume
Leo P. Kelley - Mythmaster
Jack Williamson - Seetee Shock
Jack Williamson - Seetee Ship

That was a little over a week ago - yes, I've been that remiss in blogging. I will have to do better in future. And to make my shame worse I have even bought more books since then, although not this past weekend as I was at a friend's wedding. I popped to a bookshop after work this evening and added two more to the list

Frederik Pohl - the Gold at Starbow's End
Robert Silverberg - Sundance

I'll probably take some cover shot images in the next few days and post them on my Tumblr feed. That or set up an Instagram account for them. It might be better than Tumblr - might reach more people. You never know.

BTW - later I might blog about writing (or maybe politics/economics). We shall see


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