Blogging Oblivion

I've realised, despite all my good intentions another month has gone by since I last blogged. It is very remiss of me. I'm not sure why but I seem to have just got out of the habit. I will work on it. I'm not going to make it a New Year's Resolution or anything like that. I don't make Resolutions. They are only made to be broken. But I am going to try to change my ways

Okay, so it has been 29 days since I last even logged into this website. An absolute age. But not logging in here and blogging doesn't mean I've been inactive. Since my last blog entry, on the occasion of completing my novel "How to Run a Business", I have written another Ben Williamson novella, clocking in at a fraction under 30K. It's called "Were It Was So" in case you are interested and features a number of devices I remember from the 1970s. It's another weird tale and was very enjoyable to write.

Of course the news on the Ben Williamsons isn't as rosy as I had hoped. I spoke to someone just before Christmas who was thinking of starting up a new weird fiction small press focussing on novellas - mainly eBooks but with POD as an option. Well, he's decided against. I can understand it. He spent the time over Christmas doing some research and realised how much time it would consume to run such an operation. The cost didn't seem a problem; the time did. So it's not going to happen. And as a result I haven't found a new market. Back to the old ones.

In other writing related matters I have revised the YA supernatural novel "The Stairs Lead Down" and started to submit it to UK agencies. It is currently out with 25 agencies. Two more have been sent. One returned as no such email and the agency seems to have ceased trading; another was an instant rejection albeit because the agent is no longer looking for YA or horror/fantasy so he didn't read it. Not a rejection as such but it's not going to turn into a possible deal.

I'm currently trying to work out which of the ideas floating around my brain should become the next novel or novella. I have a few possibles but none has taken over as yet. There are more Ben Williamson ideas. I guess there always will be. I enjoy writing about the guy and tormenting him in any number of weird ways. I'm just glad he's fictional so unlikely to come looking for revenge. And there are a couple of possible novels in my head. I just have to sort out a plot point or two then I'll be good to go.

In the meantime I'm going to look for a few more possible submissions. Wish me luck


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