Well that's been a couple of weeks.

I'd established a rhythm with this blog. Writing an entry or two nearly every day - all seemed well. Then the last two weeks happened. Crazy time. Too much work to be done (day job wise) and downtime became recovery time. The little time I had with sufficient energy to write I decided to concentrate on writing things that might make me some money.

So sorry about that - for anyone who is reading this blog. But I am hoping that things may return to normal somewhat, and that I can keep writing these entries.

Anyway, the last two weeks! Well I have done more than just right code. Visual Basic and SQL hasn't been my entire life.

Watched some good TV - Moonlight is a bit of a favourite, Dexter is seriously good and there have been the old favourites - Ashes to Ashes, Torchwood, Stargate , ER and the CSIs. and of course Time Team for my archaeology fix. All have been good, the return of Carson Beckett in Stargate Atlantis being surprisingly good - I was expenting a contrived little story to bring back a fan favourite. What I got was pretty good stuff.

Even managed to watch a couple of movies - Number 23 and The Reaping. Both of which we enjoyed thoroughly, even if Number 23 did a bit of an Angel Heart - telegraphed twist that.

Writing has been going well - or at least I hope it has. I've written a few stories - fiction which surprised me, was never sure I would write fiction - and a review or two. All have been submitted to various magazines and I sit here just waiting to hear back. So no real news to report on that front.

Hopefully more to come.

Now, I am going back to my latest short story attempt...


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