The most depressing part of writing

Before you start thinking I am going to mention rejections, stop! I am not. Rejections are par for the course. You come into this game knowing you will get rejections.

The most depressing part for me is finding the markets. I often spend more time trying to find where to submit a piece than I did writing it. And I have to say it is just plain annoying.

I have found many places to submit stories, reviews and articles over the months I've been doing this. And I am grateful to them all for being so accepting, helpful and kind to me (and for the acceptances I've received of course). but I don't want to overload them with submissions - for one thing many of these sites limit the amount you can send for an issue.

So having a newly written review in hand I set out to find a possible market for it. That was two hours ago and I am still looking...


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