The Day the Earth Stood Still

This was a film I was very wary of watching. I like the original. It's a classic of 1950s sf. And the new version starred Keanu Reeves.

Now I am not as down on Keanu as most people. Ok he's not the greatest actor in the world, but he's okay if he's in the right part. I thought he was quite superv in the Matrix. I simply cannot think of anyone who would have been more suited to that role than him. He had the look nailed down perfectly.

But I then remember him in Kenneth Branagh's Shakespeare film "Much Ado about Nothing".

In general he worries me when I see his name on a film but balance it with a realisation that more often than not I've found him to be good.

Well fortunately he was good in this film. His understated acting suited the part. The role needed an almost Terminator-robot style of emotionless logic and he delivered it.

As for the film. Well I loved the new Gort. The massive increase in size was perfect - genuinely scary feeling.

The plot wasn't bad - even if there was a bit of gooey-sentimentality and a kid you would almost allow the destruction of the human race to happen if it meant you wouldn't need to experience his whiney misbehaviour. But there's much to recommend the film.

The effects are great. The sphere spaceships are believable - just alien enough.

The gathering of the scientists, and the choice of actors playing them good - for the most part. Scientists just don't look like Jennifer Connelly, although you can forgive them like that. Film makers like their lead actors to look attractive on the screen.

I still like the original, but I wasn't disappointed with this remake.


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