Old tunes

About two years ago we came up with the plan of selling this house and buying a new house with my wife's parents. Something decently sized for the four of us.

So we emptied the house of a lot of our stuff - we are both mad collectors - and put it all in storage.

The photographs were taken, the brochure created and house went on the market. And then the recession happened and virtually no one came to look. For over a year we waited, nearly two. And nothing happened at all. Not even close to a sale. Well one guy did decide to put in a silly offer. He wanted us to knock 40% off the price and this was after we'd already reduced it by 25%.

So we decided not to move. We weren't moving to get somewhere new anyway. We like the village where we live. We just wanted more room.

So we hired an architect, told him what we want and he drew up the plans. They were submitted and now we wait. Hopefully someday we will get the go ahead but that's up to the council's planning department. We might find there's a reason why we can't do some of the changes...we'll see.

Anyway - old tunes. One of the things we put into storage was our CDs, or at least most of them - maybe 90%.

This past weekend I went along to the storage unit - we owed them a payment - and I grabbed one box of CDs at random and brought it back.

So the last couple of days I've been playing bits and pieces from the disks -revisiting some of the stuff I'd picked up on a whim years back. This is stuff I wasn't even playing before we emptied it all out. I think I had had most of these in a box for years before the recent upheavals. This stuff probably went back to our last house move. I certainly cannot remember them being on the shelf in my office in this house.

Anyway I've been playing Blondie, the Icicle Works, Tenpole Tudor, PiL, Talking Heads, the Alarm as well as stuff more my normal taste - like King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Van der Graaf Generator etc.

It's been fun


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