Razor Fresh Horror

I picked up three films the other day from a new distributor (by that I mean one I've not bought before) called Brain Damage Films.

The three titles - all of which looked my kind of awful - are Silent Bloody Night, Death of a Ghost Hunter and Prey for the Beast. Well this evening I decided to try the first of these.

It's a German film, although the actors (I'm using the term roughly) speak in heavily accented English. The story has two men in small town have sex with a woman they meet in the woods. This act seems to kick off a series of revenge murders by her family.

The plot is pretty awful to be honest. Not a single jot of originality. The acting is bad, but then again the actors are hampered by having to act in a foreign language, and the effects are seriously bad - all you have to do is wait for the decapitation shot and you'll know exactly what I mean.

But despite all this it has a definite B-Movie charm. You don't expect these movies to be any good. It's not a film I could recommend - unless you tell me before hand you like ultra-low budget semi-amateur horror films.

Oh - and the reason for the title to this blog entry. Brain Damage Films have the banner"Razor Fresh Horror" across the top of the DVD case. I like irony.


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