Christopher Moore

I read this guy's stuff a few years back- Practical Demonkeeping to be exact. I liked it. I remember liking it a lot.But I've not read anything of his since. I've bought a few, but never actually read them. Don't know why, just never got round to it.

This week though that changed. I picked up a book called Fool. I'm glad I did.

The idea of this book is simply briliant. It's such a complete switch about. Fool retells Shakespeare's King Lear, in my opinion the best of his tragedy plays, as a bawdy romp - complete with large amounts of shagging and single-entendres (why go to all the trouble of a double when you can just be opaque about things).

I'd never have believed it would be possible to retell Lear in this kind of way but it works brilliantly. You just have to read this book.


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