I've been in them for a little while now. I've written on only two days in the last four weeks. I'm hoping this doesn't continue but I can't say for sure. I'm giving it a try today but my head is just not in it. Even the decision to give up writing the science fiction novel I started at the beginning of April to try my hand at another Ben Williamson novella has not got my juices going again.

It's annoying; especially as I think the science fiction novel I stalled on, the Church, could well be the most original idea I've had for a story yet. Of course that's pretty much irrelevant if I never write it. I guess all I can do is remain hopeful it will come back in the future and try not to get too down about it.

I am still having ideas though so I guess things are good in that respect. The other night I went for a walk around the village where I live with my wife (one of the ways we are trying to maintain at least a modicum of fitness as we get older). During the walk as we passed the old mill all we could hear was Bird Song and Church Bells. Those five words struck me as a rather good title for a story and so I added them to the notebook I keep potential story titles in. As soon as the thought came into my head my brain quickly fleshed out a basic story to fit it. If you know me at all you will not be surprised to find out the story is anything but the gentle tale of a tranquil village the title might suggest. I don't think I could ever write one of those - even if I would love the idea of writing and English version of Dandelion Wine (one of my favourite books).

If I can get back into this scribblings thing then it might feature in future; although a lot of that will be dependent upon the market. I still have in mind the words of advice one agent gave in her email response to one of my submissions regarding what is selling and horror ain't it. Ah well.

Anyway I'm going to give writing another go. I know what I want to happen next in the current Ben Williamson novella - all I have to do is make it so.


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