Funk over or a temporary blip

Not sure if today was an exception or a new writing norm. After all it's not exactly possible to judge after a single day's endeavour is it? The fact is earlier today I sat at this keyboard and tried to write the next part of my new Ben Williamson novella and nothing happened. So I gave up, opened up this blog and started writing an entry. I figured if I'm not writing I might as well get back into the feel of typing sentences. Couldn't hurt.

Well I wrote a blog entry. You might have read it. I posted it, tweeted a link to it and closed down the browser expecting to head off to watch some TV. Underneath was the Word Doc I'd so completely failed to add much to. I reread the single paragraph I'd written, decided it was terrible and deleted it. I then thought it might be worth another go at getting at least that paragraph done. Sixty words or so is better than nothing. So I did. This time it worked a little better. And when I got to the end of it I had an idea of the next one. It kind of lead to an entire scene being written. Not one of my best I know but at least it progressed the story in roughly the direction I wanted. So I headed off at least happy I'd done that.

A little while I came back to check my email. The Word doc was still there and I found myself writing a second scene. Not bad too - even if that's only my opinion. And this evening I've added a further three scenes. In all today I've written 3,572 words. Not a bad day. And the novella now stands at 6,333 words.

Is it going to continue tomorrow? Who knows. I know one thing for sure. My intended book hunting at the car boots is not going to happen. I'm very much a fair weather car booter these days. I have no need to go to them after all - just a desire to add more books to my collection. And mud is a definite put off now. In years gone by I would have gone out anyway. But in years gone by I ran a side line business selling superhero comics and science fiction collectables and the boots were a good source of decent stock.

Not so anymore, so tomorrow my alarm will not sound. I will wake naturally and maybe do some more writing. I will see how the mood takes me.

By the way - one reason for my nonchalance regarding the car boots must be the fact I managed to find seven books when I was in Ashby this morning. I will detail them at some point in a future blog entry. I might even talk a bit of politics - the EU referendum is getting closer all the time so it is very much on my thoughts.


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