End of another week rambling blues

It's Friday night. The work week is over and the weekend awaits.

This weekend is going to be a little different to most. My wife is a musician. As a result she is out playing quite a lot and mostly at weekends. So for her to be out is not unusual. Many weekend evenings/nights I sit at my keyboard tapping out whatever my current WiP happens to be. But this weekend it's a little more extreme than normal. She's out for most of it; playing a number of gigs up in Yorkshire. So as they are all in the same vicinity she is staying up there. My Saturday is going to be a solo venture.

Now don't get feeling all sorry for me and wondering how on earth I am going to cope without her being, as I am, a mere man. I am quite capable of managing solo. And it's not as though in truth this is all that much of an unusual event. Her day job (unfortunately the music doesn't pay enough for her to not have one, much as I need to work in addition to being a writer) sees her travelling quite a lot too. Last week being a two day trip to Glasgow. Next week she's in Germany; Munich to be exact. And I'll be here. Tapping away here. It works.

It's partly why I don't appear on twitter every evening. Hmm, maybe I should explain that.

When I write, I tweet. I post details of the music I'm listening to; how the writing is going and how long it took me to stop procrastinating. I tweet about other things too - it just depends on what comes into my head that I think is safe to share with the world. But I don't do it as often when I'm not writing. I will admit some of my posts aren't in the middle of writing sessions - I occasionally get these weird thoughts when I'm trying to be normal. Writing = tweeting. They just go together. (And yes, as a Mathematician by training I realise the fallacy of that equation.)

Anyway, I'm digressing - before I even got to the point to. I think that's a new record even for me. So - get to the point.

I did some writing tonight. Not much, just two new scenes totally 1,391 words of fiction. I did do a little rewriting of earlier scenes to make them fit in with a new thought I had about the current bit too but that doesn't really count - not in my opinion. As a result of these two scenes the novel has increased to 14,492 words. Or should I say 14,513. Opening the file to check the word count I re-read the ending of that last scene I didn't like how it ended so quickly changed it. Revised total for new fiction tonight is 1,412 words. I'd better just shut the file down before I tinker a little more. I really need to get some sleep.

Although as I now have the new Stephen King novel, Sleeping Beauties I'm not sure how soon sleep will be in coming. Stephen King is one of the authors who can easily cause me to lose sleep. I wonder if I will ever become that author for someone. Maybe it will happen, Maybe it won't. If it does I would like to apologise to whoever it is who suffers this fate. I didn't start on this authoring thing to stop people getting their eight hours of shuteye (or whatever your normal amount is - for me it's never more than seven).

His is not the only book I've bought recently. I've been on a bit of a spree and so have a much increased to be read pile. Although it is mainly King and Robert Harris (with Munich) that are likely to feature next. Unless Magnus Mills sneaks another one out. His books will always queue jump. So will Max Barry's and Zoran Živković's but I don't think any of those authors have anything imminent unfortunately.

My own writing is fast approaching a key milestone. My debut novel comes out at the end of the month - on Hallowe'en; the perfect day for a ghost story. And in a little over a week I will be meeting up with the publisher at Huddersfield Haunting in, go on...guess...yep, Huddersfield. If you fancy going here's a link to a page to tell you more


If you come look out for me - I'm easy to spot being over two metres tall and having mostly white hair. And you might be able to get your hands on a paperback copy of the Stairs Lead Down if you do - the publisher is hoping they'll be back from the printer in time to have a few available. I'll even sign them if you want.

Hmm - new thought. I'm going to have to practice an Edmund Lester signature. In case you didn't know this is a pseudonym. I'm not trying to keep my identity hidden or anything. It just seemed a good idea when I first started writing to have my work life and writing life kept apart and this was a useful mental prop for doping so. So, signature...I keep meaning to practice. I've been thinking this since I had the Stairs Lead Down accepted so I would be ready for just such an occurrence.  But do you think I did anything about it? Of course I didn't. That would have made sense.

I'm trying to think if there's anything else to report - anything you would find relevant that is. I'm sure you don't want to hear about my day at work. I'd think you weird if you did. And I wouldn't tell you even if you were interested. Not out of any great desire for secrecy. I  just wouldn't want to bore you. I work with computers. I find it interesting but I'm sure most of you wouldn't. And as I'm in the business of trying to build a fan base to do so would hardly be a good tactic to pursue.

No, I think I have said (or rather typed) everything I wanted to. I'm done. I'm going to stop before I start typing nonsense (maybe I should have stopped much earlier if that was my ambition for this blog entry). Good night - sleep well - enjoy yourselves - etc.


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