Weekend Update

Unfortunately the weekend is nearing its end. They always seem to end too quickly. Still at least the day job is not one I hate. Anyway - the blog. I promised in the last entry that I would try to not be a stranger to posting in the way I have in the last few months so I am here again typing in an inane commentary on parts of my life in the slim hope it might entertain someone. I really should consider vlogging. Of course that would involve having my face on screen - not overly happy about that idea.

[Get on with it]

I have done little writing in the last seven days. I have re-read the opening three chapters of Breath of Imagined Dead and am generally happy with it - once I have the changes I'm scribbling down sorted that is. The story set up is fine and the chapters end with a cliffhanger I hope is perfect as a tempter to go out with the first book.

And that's the bit that's getting real in a hurry. The Stairs Lead Down comes out at the end of the month form Writer's Sanctum Publishing. (Here's the link just in case - The Stairs Lead Down.) In less than a month now I will be a published novelist. Wow. I'm not sure I ever expected it to happen.

I know I tweeted a lot during the writing of this book, as well as the others I've written during the past two and a half years. I've blogged about it a fair bit too (admittedly in the medium past) and even posted once or twice on the Facebook Group my wife put together for all this. But despite all this I wasn't really convinced I would make it. It was a struggle at times. There are only so many rejection emails you can receive before you start doubting things. But I'm glad I stuck with it.

One thing that has started to make it all sink in is the interviews. I've actually been interviewed about my writing. Now, that's a weird experience.

In the dim and distant past (pre-social media days) when I was doing my internet fan boy thing running a site dedicated to sffh fiction I interviewed authors. I think the final count of victims was a little over three hundred. But I never dreamed I'd be on the other side of the equation.

If you do ever read any of them I hope you enjoy them. I've tried to be informative and entertaining in completing them. If not just let me know. And it's something you can start doing now if you want. The first of them is already live. Just follow this link - Heather Weicht's website - and than click on "THE TEA ROOM" and scroll down from there to read the first of them. Let me know what you think. I'll post links to the others as soon as they go live.

Away from all this I managed to get a little collecting in yesterday - something I've not done in a serious way in months. I found a shop selling second hand books, proper old books and not just what's been on the supermarket shelves in the past two years  - a rare thing in the UK these days. The result of this was me coming away with six new books for the core collection. Here's a picture

Three volumes of Philip José Farmer's Riverworld series, and three of Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun all in hardcover. Slightly irritating that one volume of each was missing but I hope to be able to find them at some point. If I do it will make my fourth full set of the Gene Wolfe and third of the PJF - although all of the previous matching sets were in paperback. Yes, I'm that much of a geek when it comes to sf.

Have had some thoughts on TV shows. I watched the first two episode of Star Trek: Discovery and, although not totally convinced, am happy enough to want to watch more. But the revelation show for me was the Good Place, a quirky little comedy about the afterlife. Have watched the entire first season this weekend as well as all the eps of season two uploaded as yet. I want more.

That's about it really. Most of the rest of it is just the dull stuff we all do to survive so I won't bore you with it. More later


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