Some links - interviews and Amazon

I may have mentioned a few days ago that I have been doing some interviews to support the now imminent release of my debut novel the Stairs Lead Down. Well these interviews are starting to appear out these in the world.

The first was on Heather Weicht's Blog. Here's the link to her website
Heather Weicht's Website
When you're there just click on the BLOG menu item at the top and you'll see the interview

The most recent is featured on Pamela Morris and you can see it at
Interview on Pamela Morris's Website
The fun thing with this one is it includes a 100 word drabble I wrote and sold a few years only to have the magazine fold before it could be published. It also has a brief sample from the Stairs Lead Down so you can give it a look.

The final set of links I have for you are to the kindle pages for the book on Amazon UK / US / Canada / Australia. You know, just in case you fancy buying yourself (or in this case pre-ordering yourself) a copy. No pressure though, I'm not forcing you (pretty please, pretty please, pretty please, pretty please, pretty please, pretty please, pretty please, pretty please, pretty please - oh, go on.)

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Amazon Canada
Amazon Australia

I'm hoping to have links to print copies soon and will post again then.


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