7 Days have passed me by

I'm struggling to understand how another week has gone by since I last post an entry here. It feels like I've blinked just a couple of times and it's Sunday afternoon again. Still, better bet on with it.

I have had a couple of writing sessions since last posting. I reported a week ago that Breath of Imagined Dead was on 18,190 words. Well It's moved on a touch since then and now has 22,016 words. Not the most productive week I know with only 3,826 words added. I've written double that in a single day before now. But it's progress so I should be grateful for that.

I'm the middle of a section of being generally unkind to my main characters. I want them to be put through the wringer a little so it seems all the more miraculous when they come out of their current predicament. I just need to make sure I don't do without the proverbial pulling a rabbit out your arse trick. I think I have a believable plot so fingers crossed it all works out.

Aside from writing we finished season 2 of Stranger Things and enjoyed it almost as much as the first season. If that one weird episode - the Eleven standalone - wasn't there we would probably have considered it as strong as season 1. The only thing we are hoping is it will bring something important for season 3, something that could only have come about it Eleven went off for a quick road trip. We'll see. Still a great show - it's only a minor gripe.

The book leapt to new heights during the week. For a little while on the Children's ebooks > Scary Stories chart on Amazon it was sitting at number 14. I'm not kidding. Here's what it looked like.

On the Children's Scary Stories chart - all formats not just ebooks - it made it up to 52 - truly heady heights. I hoped for a while it might crack the top ten / top fifty of these charts but it was not to be.

I had one extra fun thing from Amazon. Because an old friend of mine is Canadian I checked out the book page on Amazon Canada. Here they had the book in a side box under the heading Hot New Releases in Children's Horror. I liked the look of that. Here's a screenshot. Cool, eh? (That was almost a Canadian-ism.)

It's dropped away a bit since then but it was nice having it so high. Hopefully when the next bit of publicity I do hits it might spike up again.

Away from my book I went out buying ones by other people - as is my frequent wont. The main one I bought (the new book I bought) was the latest Stephen Fry book Mythos - his retelling of a number of Greek Myths. Looking forward to reading that.

But the true fun of the book haul is the hunt for old books. Now this is not as good as it was in years gone. A decade or more ago I would find countless books from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s on my travels. But these books seemed to have disappeared from most charity shops and as for second hand book dealers, well they've mostly disappeared with their books.

Anyway I did find some books, namely -
 - John Scalzi - Zoe's Tale
 - Neal Stephenson - Snow Crash
 - Christopher Fowler - Bryant and May and the Memory of Blood
 - N. K. Jemisin - The Fifth Season
 - Gabriella Pierce - The Dark Glamour
 - ed. George R. R. Martin & Melinda M. Snodgrass - Wild Cards: High Stakes
 - Greg Egan - Quarantine

Here's a picture of them

This was during a quick trip to Newark with the family. As part of the trip we walked around the Castle Gardens on what was a wonderfully bright cheerful day for November in England. Here's a picture to prove it. Look at the blue sky behind the castle.

That pretty much brings me up to date. Not done anything else in the last week that's worthy of reporting (some would argue little of what I did post was worthy of reporting but people like that will find themselves written into my next novel where they will be killed in the most horrific way; that or dressed in a tutu).

Just going to finish off a few things and then get into some writing. More later


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