I'm going to start this by mentioning my illness wasn't serious. I had the flu. I'm not dying, I was just unwell for a while. As a result my hopes for some decent writing progress in November have taken quite a blow. I was off work for a few days, totally unable to sit upright. No writing. That was the week before last.

This past week I have been back at work but the day job has taken all of my energy. I've been coming home from work and just collapsing onto a sofa and that was it for the evening. No thoughts of sitting at this desk and writing more of Breath of Imagined Dead were even entertained, let alone acted upon. Is it different now? Well I'm getting my energy levels back up and I'm going to give it a little bit of a try but I'm not guaranteeing anything.

It has rather impacted on the schedule I was hoping to keep. These past two weeks I had hoped to take the word count of the book from just short of 25K to more than 40K. Not one single word of that happened. Given that I need to get the entire draft (c. 90K) written by year's end that 15K was significant.

So am I giving up on the aim? Well, no. I'm going to just try to get the flow going again and then it'll be a case of let's see. It might happen. It might not. I'm not going to put a probably one way or the other; mainly because the former could be seen as overly optimistic and the latter as defeatist. U;m just going to see how the story goes and let's see where we are come December 31st.

I do have one advantage at this time of year. My wife is a musician. In the run up to Christmas she is playing a number of gigs I can't attend and so will be home alone a number of nights so the opportunity is there. Now all I need do is see if the inspiration joins it.


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