An update

Life has a habit of throwing you curve balls and recently it seems to have upped the ante. I mentioned in two of my recent blog entries that I'd been ill. This year's flu landed and decided to stay put for a while. Well if I was ever inclined to complain about the flu all such thoughts have been ripped from  me. you see earlier this month - just after my last posting here - my wife had a stroke. That kind of puts everything else into perspective in a hurry.

Fortunately it was a small stroke and they quickly identified the underlying cause of the stroke and that it was fixable - the cause that is. So she has surgery this past week and now has the most impressive scar - her neck is currently held together by over 30 staples. There is still some time to go but she should make a near complete recovery. So all in all it was not as bad as it could have been.

As you might imagine I have not even thought of writing even as an abstract concept in two weeks and my plans to get back on track...well, you can guess. Now that she is improving I am hoping I will find time to hit the keyboard a little more often and actually get this draft of Breath of Imagined Dead finished.

I think the original plan for a roughly Easter release is now shot totally but hopefully it will see light of day in the summer.

Sorry this is such a short posting. I need to go be nursemaid again (a task I am only too willing to complete).


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