New Interview live and some general stuff

Just a very quick blog post to say my interview with the Dark Times fanzine has gone live. You can go read it together with a whole bunch of horror and RPG related stuff at

The Dark Times Fanzine Issue 2

I think I have another interview still due to come out - I just don't know when. I will of course post detail as soon as I know anything.

Managed to get a little book hunting in yesterday and found a small pile of Terry Pratchett hardcovers and one old Isaac Asimov hardcover - a Short History of Biology. I already owned a copy of that edition of the Asimov but it was in such good condition and at such a good price I couldn't resist adding a second. Of course I could say I ready had the Pratchetts too as I have the full run of Discworld in paperback but I had none of them in hardcover so I'm happy with them.

Away from books I've been watching the Orville on Fox. We're a little behind the US so have only seen up to episode five but I'm very impressed. Episode four was classic Next Generation storytelling - just with added anarchic humour. Definitely going to keep watching this show.

Back to writing I have been given a new contact at a UK publisher who might be interested in my fantasy series (the one I rewrote last year only to have the perspective publisher disappear. Will sort out an email to send of to them this evening. You never know.

Other than that I just have to report being well on the way to regaining full health after the never ending flu/chest infection combination. Hope to be writing again soon


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