Book of the week 4 (slightly less belated)

Ok - choice four moves away from fiction and gets more into a phase of nostalgia for me

When I started listening to music all those years ago the very first band I fixated upon was The Who. I am still a fan. As I grew older and became a little more sophisticated I learned to distinguish those parts of the music I liked best. In terms of The Who (and many of the bands I like) it was the power of the bassline that did it for me. So John Entwistle became my first musical hero.

So much so I bought a bass guitar and determined to give it a go. Problems was I had absolutely no talent for it. True to my nature, once I had discovered that I would never be that good at it, I returned to being a fan only.

In the years that have followed I've listened to many, many other artists and bands

I've added Bruce Springsteen (his latest album Working on a Dream is playing as I type), Rush, Yes, Rolling Stones, King Crimson, Tom Waits, Metallica, Dream Theater, Nick Cave, Jethro Tull, Frank Zappa, AC/DC, REM, Suzanne Vega and so many others to the list over the years. But The Who have always been near the top of my favourites list. I still place Won't Get Fooled Again as my favourite ever song.

And so when I saw a book in the local book store covering John Entwistle's legendary guitar collection I knew I had to have it. It's everything I could want it to be. Lot's of glossy pictures of wonderful instruments including several favourites of . My absolute favourite guitar of all time is a Gretsch Red Falcon - total perfection that instrument.

And so book of the week for week for is Bass Culture by John Entwistle.

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