Book of the Week 6 - vicariously

The sixth book on this list I have to admit I have not read. Nor do I have any real intention to do so. Not that I think it would suck. I wouldn't list it here if I did but for two real reasons. Firstly with all the books I keep buying and all the review copies that turn up at my door I don't think I will have time. And secondly because I don't think I need to.

My wife was not in the best of moods lately. The factory where she works is being closed down by the end of the year and she won't have a job. Don't know when it will happen but it's coming.

So I handed a book to her to read thinking it might be a pleasant diversion. This is not uncommon in our household. My wife reads incessantly - more than I do. And for the seventeen years we've been together the vast majority of the books she has read have been chosen by me. Not out of control I stress. If you met my wife you would know that is not exactly possible and I would not even dream of trying. But she likes the surprise. And she likes challenging me to find books that are a little bit different. An example of this is the book I handed to her just before starting this blog. It's called The Taste of Dreams: An Obsession with Russia and Caviar by Vanora Bennett.

That isn't this choice for book of the week but in case you want to check it out here're the links

Amazon UK
Amazon US

Anyway - that's a diversion. Back to the subject!

The book I handed over to lighten the mood was John Grisham's Playing for Pizza. It's a total change from his legal books and features and American Footballer playing in the Italian League. And it made my wife laugh at times, smile broadly most others. She enjoyed it, it brightened her day - it didn't take long to read. Although there were pauses to read passages aloud to me.

So here're the links to Book of the Week 6

Amazon UK
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