Book of the Week 3 (Still Belated, More So I Guess)

Okay, I had meant to catch up on these on the day I started so I could get into the habit of posting one per week. Life however had its usual other ideas. There good interruptions though as we managed to sell the house my in-laws had been living in (we are hoping to get a bigger place for all four of us). So in the middle of one of the biggest housing market slumps we've managed to sell one - albeit at a reduced cost, 20% on the value original put on the house, but hey!

Anyway, book three. This is one that will not surprise anyone who know me. I am a lifelong science fiction and horror fan. And I have some favourite authors - Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, Robert Charles Wilson and Mike Resnick are amongst them.

And it's the last of these that provides my third book of the week for 2009 with the fourth in his Starship Series - Starship: Rebel.

This series tells the story of Wilson Cole, the most decorated officer in the history of the Republic's Space Navy - much to the displeasure of his superiors who see him as a threat and an embarrassment.

Anyway - book one saw him be the hero once more but then court martialled for disobeying the order of his captain, only to see those loyal to him in the crew mutiny, break him out of prison and steal the ship the Teddy R (sort for Theodore Roosevelt) and head out of the Republic for the semi-lawless relam of the Inner Frontier.

Book two came and the crew were looking to find a way to make ends meet and so opted to become pirates - only they were to be ethical pirates. They stole from other pirates and returned the goods to the original owners or the insurance companies - for a fee of course.

Book three arrived and Cole has discovered that ethical piracy just will not pay, so the Teddy R (and its growing fleet) starts to hire out as a mercenary ship - taking only causes Cole believes are just.

And now I have book four in my hands. Or had I should say. I've never been able to hold onto a Resnick book for long without reading my way through it.

This book was everything I wanted it to be. Cole and the Teddy R have a cause. Upset by the callous disregard the Space Navy shows to the worlds of the Inner Frontier and their brutal murder of his closest friend, Cole determines that they will show the Navy that the Inner Frontier is off limits. Problem is Cole has forty ships, they have millions (literally).

Mike Resnick ALWAYS delivers fine fiction. He's not let me down yet. This is sf for anyone who likes good adventure tales and doesn't worry how the stardrive works.

Here's the link on Amazon if you want a look




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