Oh blog, how I have neglected you

This week has been a bit of a blur. I'm not sure.where any of it has gone. I guess that happens sometimes. I know as I get older it seems to happen more and more. The perception of time I have now  is so different to how it was for me years ago.

I managed to achieve far less in terms of the word count on the current novel than I might have hoped but considering the ending I now have plotted is so much better than before I don't begrudge the loss of actual writing time to sketch it into my notebook.

This weekend should see progress, albeit not today. I pretend to a social life and will be out with friends this afternoon and the evening is reserved for family film night. Saturday nights whenever possible (when my wife doesn't have a gig) are always designated family film night. Not sure what tonight's choice might be. We have enough options. Maybe something Scandinavia in flavour.

The word count was always doomed. The huge daily average of this book was artificial as I only had every evening free during the time my wife was playing in the pantomime band. But things have gotten worse for the output this week. Writing had a new enemy in the battle for time; TV.

Anyone who knows me, knows one thing about me. I do not vegetate in front of the TV. I watch the programmes I want to watch and don't just settle for the best that's on. A lot of people will put the TV on for background noise. If this is all I want I prefer music. TV needs to justify itself. So I use websites like geek town to find out what's coming up that I want and set the recorder.

TV is incredible but it can kill writing time if you let it. My rule - be specific and never watch live TV. even with such a regimen you can stil spend a lot of time in front of it but at least I feel I'm not wasting too much of it.

This meandering might get somewhere eventually. Apologies for the stream of consciousness style but I've woken up at 7 on a Saturday and my brain is not fully ready for the day yet.

Ah yes, TV. The reason it's started eating into time a bit more is the mid season break is over for a lot of them. Blacklist has been back for a while but now it's been joined by Flash, Arrow and a new kid on the block Legends of Tomorrow. Elementary,Agents of SHIELD and AgentCarter too I probably should add. And then added to them a new mini series of X-Files. Much more time in front of the box.

Fortunately it's mostly enjoyable - even if I'm not totally sure of the point of the X-Files return. There has only been one show we've stopped watching. We tried the Heroes reboot and didn't even make it to the end of episode 1. Too much of it reminded me why I'd stopped watching it the 1st time.

Despite all this I'm going to setmyself an ambitious target. I'm 43k into this book. Finished I think it will be 80k. I'm going to try to finish draft 1 by the time my wife's next show starts first week in April. 4 weeks to write 37k or so. Fingers crossed.


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