Re-assessing Star Trek

I have been a Star Trek fan as long as I can remember. I started watching the show back in the 70s when it used to be shown on BBC at about 7pm. This was back in the days of just three channels in the UK, not the hundreds you get now.

In this vastly under-populated media world there were a few gems - Doctor Who, Blake's 7 and Survivors spring to mind. But for me Star Trek was always at the top of the pile. So as you can imagine the news, when it came a while back, that there was going to be another Star Trek series in 2017 I was overjoyed, although just a little nervous. After a 12 year gap I am worried they are going to mess it up and put an end to everything Trek wise for good.

Hearing about the new show started me wondering just how long it was since I last watched an episode of Star Trek. I'm not counting the new films - I cannot say I've particularly liked the reboot movies.

So I headed for my DVD shelves and flicked through the Trek series and for some odd reason picked Season 4 of Enterprise, the last season of Trek made so far. It wasn't the show I expected to choose. I'm glad I did. The opening two parter, Storm Front, is excellent and the standard doesn't let up much after that.

Like most of the Star Trek shows Enterprise took its time to get going. Okay, you could say Voyager never really did. I won't argue. That show had a few okay episodes but generally never quite cut it. Enterprise did manage to rise up and I'm sure would have started to match the other shows if it had had time.

It was something I never expected to say when the show was announced. Back then I wasn't exactly fond of the idea of going backwards. I wanted to know what would happen next; after the war with the Dominion. I never got to find out. There's still time. Maybe they will set the new show after the events of Deep Space 9 / Voyager. I'm hopeful but not expecting it. I know there's been no announcement either way but somehow I doubt I'm going to get what I want. I can't see why they wouldn't want to continue with the universe of the reboot.

I'll watch it in any case. I'm enough of a mad trekker type to be completely unable to do otherwise. After all the years since I last watched an episode of Star Trek this viewing session of Enterprise has confirmed that. I am forever lost to it.

So I guess it's not so much of a re-assessment as promised in the title of this entry than a confirmation of previous beliefs. Roll on 2017 and the new show.


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